7 Top Wild Boar Recipes Slow Cooker

Over the number of years of cooking wild game, I’ve come to realize something. A slow cooker is a game changer.

People don’t often realize game meat can be much tougher than farmed animals.

Wild animals such as hogs are highly active animals that use their muscles much more than domestic pigs, so it’s only natural for some cuts to be tougher.

However, the slow cooker is the solution to this. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite wild boar slow cooker recipes to help you get the most from your wild game.

Wild Boar Roast

Wild Boar Recipes Slow Cooker

There are many ways to cook a roast. The two most popular methods for cooking roast are dry cooking in the oven, or cooking in a slow cooker.

For wild boar, I opt for the latter. Wild boar isn’t as fatty as domestic pigs, and thus is prone to drying out like many wild game meats.

However, by cooking low and slow in a slow cooker you can prevent this from happening.

The hog meat is cooked in a mixture of liquids such as red wine and venison stock.

I prefer to use the neck for this kind of roast but you can also use the shoulder or hind cuts such as top or bottom round, but I like to keep them for wild boar ham.

Whichever cut you use it’s a good idea to leave the bone in to create a much richer dish.

Wild Boar Stew

Wild Boar Recipes Slow Cooker

Wild boar stew is very similar to a roast which means it’s another great contender for the slow cooker.

I’ve honestly given up cooking wild boar stew any other way.

The simplicity of browning the meat and tossing everything into the slow cooker makes it so easy to make.

The effect the slow cooker has on tough cuts of meat from its ability to cook so low, can’t be replicated on the stovetop.

This stew is rich, bold, tender, and all from one pot.

Wild Boar Sloppy Joes

Wild Boar Recipes Slow Cooker

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is sloppy joes. These messy bundles of joy are just so simple to make and taste so good.

Honestly, most people are better off making these on the stovetop, they’re just so simple and so fast.

However, if you are looking to elevate the flavor you should try making them in the slow cooker.

The whole process is the same, except they are cooked at a lower temperature and for longer.

If you do this you will come to realize the same thing I did, most dishes taste better from the slow cooker.

Pulled Wild Boar

Wild Boar Recipes Slow Cooker

I’ve mentioned how the slow cooker can render any tough cut of meat tender in a matter of hours.

Well, this is what you get with pulled wild boar.

There are many ways of making pulled wild boar but none as easy as the slow cooker.

Once you marinate the hog meat, you will need to add a cup of liquid to the slow cooker along with the meat.

Set the instant pot to low and cook for 8 hours.

The meat will release extra juices and slowly cook in the marinade, stock, vinegar, and its own juices.

The finished product will be mouth-watering wild boar that will easily pull apart.

Wild Boar Bolognese

Wild Boar Recipes Slow Cooker

Traditional bolognese is cooked over a stove top but rarely this is the case in my kitchen.

Don’t get me wrong, I spent a lot of time in Italy and I’m no rookie when it comes to bolognese.

However, I also spend a lot of time out hunting and fishing.

I like to put the wild boar bolognese in the slow cooker in the morning and return from some hunting or fishing after a few hours to a delectable meal.

Also, as I mentioned earlier it’s just better from a slow cooker.

Anyone who knows how to cook knows the longer you cook a bolognese the better it is.

Wild Boar Korean Ribs

Wild Boar Recipes Slow Cooker

There are 3 methods of getting wild boar ribs tender, (1) Smoking, (2) In a pressure cooker, or (3) in the slow cooker.

All options are good, the pressure cooker is the fastest, the smoker is the most difficult, and the slow cooker is easy.

These ribs are rich in flavor, and so tender that you need to be careful when removing them from the slow cooker.

After only 6 hours of cooking the meat literally fell off the bone as I was removing them.

Some people don’t like their ribs this tender, so if you prefer a bit of bite cook them for 4-5 hours instead.

Wild Boar Chili

Wild Boar Recipes Slow Cooker

I’ve made so much wild game chili in my life and used so many methods.

I love venison chili, but I’ll never part with wild boar chili from a slow cooker.

If the slow cooker can transform one dish, it’s chili.

I mentioned earlier how a good bolognese intensifies the longer it cooks, but this is more pronounced in chili.

A wild boar chili from the stovetop is a fantastic dish, but from the slow cooker it has much deeper notes, and the rustic flavor comes to life.

Wild Boar Recipes Slow Cooker

Wild Boar Recipes Slow Cooker

A list of some of the best wild boar dishes you can make in a slow coker
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Course: Main
Cuisine: Wild Game
Keyword: wild boar
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 8 hours
Servings: 4
Author: Rusty


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