Ground Wild Boar Recipes (7 Best)

Wild boar has long been an overlooked food, but more people are consuming this healthy pork alternative due to rising hog populations.

The versatility of hog meat makes creating recipes a breeze. 

Most of your wild boar will likely end up as ground meat, which is fine because there are so many dishes you can create with wild boar.  

If you need inspiration, these are my top seven ideas for ground wild boar:


Ground Wild Boar Recipes

No ground meat list would be complete without chili, but with wild boar, it’s on a whole different level.

Ever have ground pork chili? Ye, it sucks. But wild boar is not like pork; it’s more like venison. And as you may already know, venison chili is epic.

Although if I had to choose between venison chili and boar, I don’t think I could. 

Wild boar has a rusticness about it that screams chili. The sweet flavors blend so well with the sweetness of the chili. 

There is also depth and richness to it that is so satisfying. Check out the full recipe.


Ground Wild Boar Recipes

If you’ve not tried wild boar burgers yet, you’re missing out. 

The earthiness of wild boar pairs so well with the Maillard reaction in burgers giving a charred rich flavor.

Cooking wild boar burgers to medium rare may not be the wisest thing to do, but that’s ok because you don’t need to.

Wild boar burgers are so juicy that cooking them to 140F won’t impact the taste.

The trick to making these burgers so good is to use twenty percent pork belly.

This fat, along with the moisture of the boar meat, allows it to stay juicy while cooking.


Ground Wild Boar Recipes

There are various sausages you can make with ground wild boar.

These are simple to make and can last long in the freezer.

I like to make a few variations and freeze them up for later. My favorites are chorizo, Italian, jalapeno cheese, and breakfast sausage.

If I had only to choose one of these, it would be the Italian sausage due to its versatility.

I’ve had wild boar Italian sausage on pizza, with pasta, in sandwiches, etc.


Ground Wild Boar Recipes

While we’re on the topic of Italian, another excellent recipe for ground wild boar is meatballs.

There are two variations of meatballs you can make, Swedish or Italian. I generally prefer to make Italian meatballs.

They are a little spicier than Swedish meatballs but, again, are extremely versatile. I’ve used Italian meatballs with gravy (like Swedish), pasta marinara, in subs, etc.


Ground Wild Boar Recipes

Ragu is another great dish you can make with ground wild boar or diced boar. 

Although similar to bolognese, ragu has many of its own characteristics.

You typically make ragu with red wine, which pairs well with wild boar. The sweetness of the boar also marries well with the tomatoes.

It’s also worth noting that wild boar ragu is a very popular dish in Italy. Check out the full recipe


Ground Wild Boar Recipes

Yet another classical Italian dish with wild boar. The sweet and nutty flavor paired with the cheese makes for a great pairing. 

Add in the creamy bechamel, and we’re onto a whole new level of flavor.

Let’s face it, Italian cuisine is world-renowned, and if they use wild boar in their lasagna, who are we to argue?


Ground Wild Boar Recipes

If you prefer something a little spicier, wild boar burritos might be what you’re looking for.

Your options of fillers here are endless, and nearly every topping you can think of will work with wild boar.

When it comes to chilies, you should keep in mind wild boar has a subtle sweetness.

Ancho, pasilla, and guajillo are all great options for pairing with wild boar. They are sweet chilis and not too spicy.

You can add a little extra spiciness later to the ground boar or serve jalapenos as toppings.

There are many dishes you can make with wild boar; these are a few of my favorites that I have personally made.

Ground wild boar is versatile, sweet, and more complex than pork. This makes it an excellent option for savory dishes.

Ground Wild Boar Recipes

Ground Wild Boar Recipes

The Best Wild Boar Recipes
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Course: Big Game
Cuisine: Wild Game
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Servings: 4
Author: Rusty


  • Wild Boar Chili
  • Wild Boar Burgers
  • Wild Boar Sausage
  • Wild Boar Meatballs
  • Wild Boar Ragu
  • Wild Boar Lasagna
  • Wild Boar Burritos


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