Ground Venison Recipes Crock Pot

Much of your venison will end up as ground meat. Typically, you would make lots of sausages or burgers, and that’s fine.

But what if I told you there is more you can do with ground venison? Enter the Crock Pot.

I love my crock pot. I love that I can set it and forget it. 

I often start a dish in the morning, then hit the river for a few hours fishing and return to a rich, hearty venison dish.

Here are some of my favorite crock pot venison recipes.

Venison Chili

Ground Venison Recipes Crock Pot

I’m putting venison chili at the top of the list because it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Crock Pot and ground venison.

I love venison chili from a Dutch oven or stovetop pot, but there is something about slow-cooked venison chili that makes it much better.

I love this on winter days when I spend time outside in the cold and return to a warming chili.

Venison Meatloaf

Meatloaf might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think Crock Pot, but trust me, a venison meatloaf from a slow cooker will change how you look at meatloaf forever.

Cooking venison meatloaf in the crock pot is easier than the traditional oven method. 

It also helps keep the meatloaf moist, which is more challenging with venison.

And then, of course, there is the whole set it and forget it. You don’t have to monitor it or be there to turn off the oven.

Venison Bolognese

Ground Venison Recipes Crock Pot

I mostly do bolognese on the pan; this is the way I’ve always done it and the way I’ve learned in so many Italian restaurants.

However, I turn to the Crock Pot when I want to keep it simple but not lose out on the flavor.

Getting a good bolognese on the pan is difficult, but getting an excellent bolognese from the Crock Pot is easy.

You can simply brown the meat shallots and garlic, deglaze the pan and toss it all in the crock pot, set it, and forget it.

Venison Cabbage Rolls

Yes, cabbage rolls, you read that right. Don’t knock it till you try it. 

This recipe isn’t as straightforward as some of the others on the list, but it’s still easier than making them without the Crock Pot.

Once the cabbage leaves are filled with the ground venison, place them in the oven and cover with sauce.

The slow cooking releases the sweetness of the cabbage which pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the venison.

Venison Sloppy Joes

Ground Venison Recipes Crock Pot

Like most other dishes here, sloppy joes can be made on the pan or in the slow cooker.

There are two benefits to making it in the slow cooker, 1. It’s easy and can be made in advance, 2. You get a better balanced flavor.

Nearly all of the recipes here will have better balance from the slow cooker, and sloppy joes are no different.

Also, like the other recipes, this one also starts on the pan. Once the meat is browned you can transfer everything to the slow cooker.

Venison Taco Soup

If you hang out in cooking forums, you will see that slow cooker soup is quickly becoming a hot thing.

However, for me, there is one slow-cooker soup that blows all others away, and that is venison taco soup.

Admittedly this recipe is not so different than the chili above, but it is different enough to warrant its own mention.

The slow cooker really draws out the best in this recipe, leading to deep rustic flavors that you just wouldn’t get over the stove.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to add the beans later if you are using soaked beans.

Venison Meatballs

Ground Venison Recipes Crock Pot

Venison meatballs are versatile food that you can incorporate into many dishes.

I love to cook venison meatballs in a rich marinara sauce in the slow cooker. 

If you can stop eating it all right out of the pot, they make an excellent topping for pizza or filling for meatball subs.

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