12 Best Sides to Serve With Venison Steak

Venison steak is one of life’s greatest treasures, and while these bad boys can be eaten on their own, it’s often great to serve them with the right side.

I love to serve venison steak with green beans, but there are many other great options.

Sweet Potato Fries

Best Sides to Serve With Venison Steak

Sweet potato fries are always a good option with any steak but I find they work particularly well with venison steak.

Venison steak has a natural sweetness, and the sweet potato fries help to elevate this.

I like to cook them in oil or in the air fryer, but if you like to finish your venison steak in the oven, then you could also cook the sweet potato fries in the oven.

Grilled Green Beans

As I mentioned at the start I like green beans with venison steak.

However, my favorite way to have them is grilled with grilled venison steak.

Similar to sweet potato fries, green beans bring out the sweetness of venison.

What green beans do really well is take on a grilled flavor.

However, if you are pan-frying venison steak, don’t worry.

Add plenty of butter to the pan with the beans and they will turn out just as good.

I also like to add some panko to make them a little crispy.

Mushroom Sauce

Best Sides to Serve With Venison Steak

I’ve tried many sauces for venison, but in my opinion, mushroom sauce is the best sauce for venison.

While you can use many types of mushrooms for this sauce my favorite is porcini mushrooms.

I pick these mushrooms every year and dry them to use throughout the year.

There are many ways of making mushroom sauce for venison.

I typically use a cream base or a roux base sauce, and I honestly couldn’t pick a favorite.

Caramelized Onions

Properly caramelized onions take a long time to make properly.

However, if you are patient and pull it off you need nothing else.

I could eat plate after plate of caramelized onion and venison steak.

Sometimes, ok a lot, I like to make a venison steak sandwich with caramelized onions.

The great thing about onions is they have both a savory and a sweet taste, and the creamy texture makes a great accompaniment to venison steak.

Pan Fried Baby Carrots

Best Sides to Serve With Venison Steak

I usually make this when I am trying to make an impression.

While the dish is simple, there is something about having charred baby carrots on a plate that makes it look both rustic and elevated.

I particularly like serving this with venison medallion steak.

One thing I do to really make this side shine is glaze the carrots in honey. 

Glazing the carrots with honey really brings them to a new level and if you use a sweet marinade for the venison it makes a great combination.

Mashed Potatoes

Best Sides to Serve With Venison Steak

Mashed potatoes go well with so many dishes so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see them on this list.

Sometimes it’s just nice to keep things simple and truly take in the flavor of the venison.

That being said, I like to spice it up and use some garlic butter.

Whether you decide to keep it simple or spice it up using a good quality butter.

I like to use Italian butter, it doesn’t have to be buffalo, but it needs to be creamy.


Best Sides to Serve With Venison Steak

Okay, I’m being a little bold.

Grilled prawns aren’t exactly a side as much as it is equal to the venison steak.

Have you ever had venison surf and turf?

If you had, you would forgive me for putting grilled prawns on the list.

Also, I should mention the prawns don’t have to be grilled. I’ve made this dish with fried prawns also and it’s fantastic.

The prawns work so well with venison steak, it’s actually surprising how well they work.

I’ve had many beef steaks with prawns, and I must say having venison and prawns is a much better experience.

French Fries

I’ve already mentioned sweet potato fries on this list, but sometimes, regular french fries also make a great side for venison steak.

I like to make french fries with venison steak if I’m making something like pepper sauce.

Mashed Cauliflower

Best Sides to Serve With Venison Steak

What I like most about mashed cauliflower with venison steak is how light it is.

The cauliflower is very unimposing but makes a great alternative to mashed potatoes.

I honestly use this more than mashed potatoes. 

However, similar to mashed potatoes, good quality butter is essential.

Mac and Cheese

Best Sides to Serve With Venison Steak

I don’t often make mac and cheese but when I do I go all in.

This only comes out as a side for smoked venison steak.

I smoke the mac and cheese along with the steak and they make a great couple.

The total dish is a beautiful marriage of smokiness and creaminess.

Grilled Corn on the Cob

Best Sides to Serve With Venison Steak

While mac and cheese is the perfect partner for smoked venison steak, corn on the cob is perfect for grilled venison steak.

I like to butter the corn, wrap it in the husk, and grill it with the steak.

As the venison steak rests, I remove the husks and let the corn get very lightly charred.


Best Sides to Serve With Venison Steak

While I think coleslaw goes great with lots of things, like pulled wild boar, it also is fantastic with venison steak.

I like to experiment with something new every time I make coleslaw.

My favorite so far when I make venison steak is to use paprika.

Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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